When My Basement Got Water Damage in Fort Collins

A few days ago, I was surprised with a flooded basement. I heard the water drops, and when I went down to the basement, I saw my basement is no more a basement; it has become a swimming pool. I am not exaggerating; this is what exactly happened to me. If you have not experienced this, you will never know how bad it feels when you see something like this. Like me, most of the people store their family heirlooms, extra furniture, decoration items, etc. in their basement because they know these things are safe there.

You might be wondering what to do if you are in the same situation. Well, water damage Fort collins CO can be very serious at times. Many things need to be done to make clean the area. Sometimes water damage restoration Fort Collins can be very expensive. Hence, here are the things that you need to:

flooded house

1.    First things first, you need to call the Fort Collins Restoration Pro as soon as possible. Do not try to get into the water because it is not safe. Sometimes electric lines get into the water and make the water a death trap. Don’t do anything; call the company who can reach your place in as soon as possible.

2.    Next, shut off the power of the house. Before walking into the water, turn off the gas and electricity lines.

3.    If you need to save any important belongings before the water damage repair Fort collins CO reaches your place, you need to wear protective gear. Wearing tall rain boots and safety gloves are very important.

4.    Switch off the water line so that water cannot gather anymore.

5.   Having the professional team at Fort Collins Restoration Pro is the best solution. They will come and examine the place. They will also make sure that your basement is back to the safe zone. If there is any in-depth problem, they will be able to solve and fix it. Therefore, it is best to ask the water damage Fort collins CO team to come.

What will the water damage restoration Fort collins team do?

The water damage repair Fort collins CO company will find a safe entry point and shut off the water from the busted pipe. Then, they will check and clean the basement drain. So that, the water can escape quickly from there. With the help of water pumps and other equipment, they will vacuum the water out from your basement. After removing water, the company will dry out the place. If any of your stuff gets water damaged then, they would use their tools to dry those things nicely. The restoration company will use a dehumidifier to help in the drying process. After this, they will sanitize the area with a strong sanitizing agent, so that, it prevents the mold from spreading.

These are the things that Fort collins Restoration Pro will do to make your basement safe once again. 

To find out more about the services they provide visit: https://fortcollinsrestorationpro.com/

Why You Should Hire A Restoration Company For Centennial Water Damage Repair

Plumbing leaks, pipe bursts, heavy rainfall or sewerage problems can all cause untold water damage to your Centennial home. If your Centennial home or commercial establishment suffers water damage, it is crucial to act swiftly to restore your property to its normal state. The best course of action is to hire a professional water damage Centennial service. Water damage repair experts in Centennial are best placed to handle water damage restoration as they have expertise, experience and the right equipment to do the job right.

Why You Should Hire A Restoration Company for Water Damage Repair Centennial Co:

water damage restoration in centennial


Water damage restoration Centennial professionals know how to locate hidden water damage and the source of the damage. This is usually the trickiest part about water damage for someone who is not an expert in this field. The experts will look for hidden water damage and fix it to prevent further damage.


When it comes to water damage, expediency is essential. An experienced water damage restoration Centennial service will respond quickly and use a combination of professional-grade materials and their expertise to remove to water expediently. A swift response is crucial, and it can help you save your home and your belongings.

Attention to detail

Professionals understand the ins and outs of water damage restoration hence they will use their skills to prevent side effects of water damage such as mold and mildew growth. The technicians will disinfect your home and provide detailed cleaning to ensure your home is safe. The experts are well trained and informed about how to best handle restoration. Furthermore, they make use of advanced tools and equipment so as to ensure timely restoration and prevent further damage.

Reduction of overall costs and losses

Hiring a water damage repair Centennial professional helps you to save money. The experts will restore your home expediently before extensive structural damage is done to your home. Actually, restoring your home after extensive structural damage has occurred is a lot more expensive.

Additional services

A professional water damage restoration service Centennial offers additional services such deodorization, vent cleaning and restoration of content. The experts will also guide you on the right way to file an insurance claim so that you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Overall, hiring a qualified water damage restoration service Centennial has many benefits as compared to do-it-yourself water damage restoration. As soon as you notice water damage in your property, do not hesitate to call a trusted water damage repair Centennial Co.

Denver and Colorado are completely covered in wildfire smoke, EPA map shows

Here is an article I found affected Denver was when those fires were going on across the country.

A new map shows much less smoke across the country, but Denver is still clearly under one of the largest plumes.

Denver Fires

TROUTDALE, Ore. — A growing Oregon wildfire covered parts of Portland’s metropolitan area Tuesday with ash and prompted the shutdown of a lengthy stretch of highway through the state’s scenic Columbia River Gorge.

It was one of dozens of wildfires burning in western U.S. states that sent smoke into cities from Seattle to Denver — prompting health warnings and cancellations of outdoor activities for children by many school districts.

FOR YOU: Wildfire smoke is choking the West but helping firefighters
The National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, a federal agency that coordinates wildfire-fighting, said 80 large fires were burning on 2,200 square miles (5,700 square kilometers) in nine Western states.

An Environmental Protection Agency map showing current air conditions as a result of wildfires shows Colorado blanketed in smoke, with Denver under the thickest cover.

smokey Denver city

Smoke from western wildfires envelops Denver, Sept. 4, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) wildfire; denver; colorado; kevinjbeaty; denverite; haze; weather; cowx; cityscape; skyline;
Smoke from western wildfires envelops Denver, Sept. 4, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)
The 16-square mile (41-square kilometers) fire east of Portland forced hundreds of home evacuations. Embers from the fire drifted in the air across the Columbia River — sparking blazes in neighboring Washington state.

The wildfire grew rapidly late Monday and overnight, giving authorities just minutes to warn residents on the Oregon side of the river to leave their homes.

A closure of one section of Interstate 84 because of thick smoke and falling ash was extended 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of Portland because flames reached the roadway, said Dave Thompson, a spokesman for Oregon’s Department of Transportation.

“If it jumps the road, you’d be driving through a wall of flame,” he said. “It’s just not safe.”

People in Oregon covered their faces to shield themselves from the smoke and the ashes falling on them.

“You can’t really stand outside without getting rained on” by ash, said Joanna Fisher as she walked to work at a Troutdale, Oregon naturopathic clinic with Calla Wanser, who was wearing a red bandana around her mouth to keep the ash out of her lungs.

Smoke from western wildfires envelops Denver, Sept. 4, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) wildfire; denver; colorado; kevinjbeaty; denverite; haze; weather; cowx; cityscape; skyline;
Smoke from western wildfires envelops Denver, Sept. 4, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)
Elsewhere, a fast-moving wildfire in northern Utah swept down a canyon Tuesday morning — destroying structures, forcing evacuations and closing highways.

A least one home burned and more than 1,000 people were evacuated as high winds fed the flames in the canyon north of Salt Lake City. Thick black smoke closed parts of two highways as firefighters struggled to fight the blaze fueled by winds gust at up to 40 mph.

A fire in Montana’s Glacier National Park emptied its busiest tourist spot as wind gusts drove the flames toward the doorstep of an iconic lodge.

Lake McDonald Lodge, a 103-year-old Swiss chalet-style hotel, sits on a lake as the famed Going-to-the-Sun-Road begins its vertigo-inducing climb up the Continental Divide, making it an endearing park symbol for many visitors.

Outside California’s Yosemite National Park, a wind-fueled fire made its way deeper into a grove of 2,700-year-old giant sequoia trees on Labor Day. Officials said the fire had gone through about half the grove but had not killed any trees.


Giant sequoias are resilient and can withstand low-intensity fires. The blaze burned brush and left scorch marks on some big trees that survived, said Cheryl Chipman, a fire information officer.

Elsewhere in Northern California, a fire destroyed 72 homes and forced the evacuation of about 2,000 people from their houses. The fire burned 14 square miles (36 square kilometers) in the community of Helena about 150 miles (240 kilometers) south of Oregon.

In Washington state the U.S. Department of Defense has agreed to assign 200 active-duty soldiers to help fight a wildfire.

Civilian firefighting commanders said Tuesday the soldiers from Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington, would undergo four days of training and then be sent to a complex of 14 wildfires in the Umpqua National Forest that have burned 47 square miles (120 square kilometers).

And a wildfire burning near Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state grew to more than 29 square miles (75 square kilometers) and heavy smoke blanketed many cities in Washington state.

Mandatory evacuations were announced for the fire near Mount Rainier, including the Crystal Mountain ski resort, which closed Monday because of smoke.

The air quality in Spokane, Washington, was rated as hazardous Tuesday morning. The National Weather Service says it was likely to get worse as wind shifts bring in smoke from fires in Canada, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

People in the Spokane, Washington, region were advised to stay remain indoors.

Air quality alerts were issued for parts of Idaho as well.

In Oregon, people living in about 700 homes in and around the Columbia River Gorge have been forced to evacuate the area. Others have been warned to get ready as flames burn trees and brush in one of the state’s biggest tourist attractions.

“The Gorge is our crown jewel and it’s our playground — and we’re very, very sad,” said Multnomah County Board of Supervisors chairwoman Deborah Kafoury.

Associated Press writers Phuong Le in Seattle, Matt Volz in Helena, Montana, and Sudhin Thanawala in San Francisco contributed to this report.

First posted at Denverite.com: https://www.denverite.com/denver-colorado-completely-covered-wildfire-smoke-according-epa-map-42088/

Welcome To My Denver and Colorado Springs Fan Blog.

Living It Up In Denver Colorado

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason cooper and I just moved to Denver about 6 months ago from Saratoga New York. I have quickly fallen in love with the “Mile High” city and this blog is about my experiences and whatever I find. Here is a list of my favorite places in Denver so far. I will also be creating a separate post for each one of these.

1. The Denver Art Museum.

The Denver Art Museum is a great place to go with a friend or by yourself on a rainy day or when you just need something to do. When I first visited, I was very impressed with the amount of ancient Egyptian artifacts and artwork from various asian countries dating back to the 900 B.C. Isn’t that amazing? Not to mentioned I was half stoned when I visited. It was a great experience. They also have exhibitions every couple of months and they are just as amazing as well. Currently they are having an exhibition on “Ganesha” the Hindi god of wealth and good luck. I cant wait to go check it out.

2. Washington Park.

Denver Washington Park

Washington Park is one of Denvers most popular parks. It has twice as many reviews of any park on trip advisor for a good reason. It is in one of the most popular and beautiful areas in Denver and really all of Colorado. There is a great walking/running track where you will always see people taking part in those activities and enjoying Denvers health scene. It is a super pet friendly park and you will always see somebody having fun playing fetch with their K9 companion. If you don’t have a dog and running around isn’t really your thing you can always take your favorite book with you to read in the amazing weather we have around here.

3. Garden of the Gods.

Garden Of The Gods Colorado

O.K. so this one isn’t quite in Denver but this is my blog so I get to post whatever I want. Garden of the Gods is flat out amazing. It truly a sight to behold and one of the first places I visited upon my arrival in Colorado. Formed millions of years ago and around since the time of dinosaurs Garden of the Gods includes many geological wonders. You can see the “kissing rocks” walk around the “siamese twins trail” check out the “perkins central garden trail” and much more. It is located in Colorado Springs which is a huge military town, god bless our troops. While you are in Colorado Springs you can also visit pikes peak, one of the closets 14,000 foot mountains.

Theres no doubt about it Denver has something for everybody. I had quite a hard time only picking out three attractions for this list. However, I do need to still have something to write about for the next post. Anyway, I look forward to writing my next blog post about Denver. I am very happy I moved here from crappy Saratoga. Welp off to rip the bog!